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NEMO progresses steadily despite COVID-19 | M24 virtual consortium meeting (May 2020)

The consortium of the NEMO project had foreseen to organize the month-24 review meeting in the installations of VTT in Tampere on May 5 and 6, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the physical meeting was cancelled and replace by a series of conference calls. After several intensive sessions on Microsoft Teams, the project coordinator Mika Pajaanen could thank all consortium members for their active participation and concluded that despite the current difficulties related to COVID-19, the project is progressing well to achieve its objectives.

On the first day of the virtual M24 meeting, the workpackage leaders organized parallel technical meetings in which they reviewed the status of the pilots, the organization of the sample transfer and the progress by each partner. The next steps were discussed and action plans were developed.

In the afternoon session, all attended the joint session of WP5 and WP6 in which the pilot integration and process control was discussed together with the sustainability analysis, with special attention for the upcoming deliverables and the samples transfer.

The second day started with a joint WP6-7-8 meeting to review the social assessment issues. Next, an exploitation workshop was held with all participants. This was followed by a short session about the communication and dissemination activities of the project. In the final meeting, all WP leaders presented and overview of the status of the activities in their work package and the progress made. The project coordinator, Mika Pajaanen, closed the meeting by summarizing the results, thanking all for their contributions.


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