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Public Deliverables

The public deliverables of IA NEMO are the following:

Deliverable number D## Title Estimated deliverable date WP No
D8.1 D52 Dissemination and communication plan 31 Aug 2018 WP8
D8.2 D53 NEMO website 31 Aug 2018 WP8
D4.1 D26 Report on legislative/regulative requirements for (1) transport and processing of mining residues in the EU and (2) construction product standards and certification procedures 30 Apr 2019 WP4
D6.1 D41 Environmental assessment report of NEMO processes 31 Oct 2021 WP6
D6.7 D47 Criticality policy brief 30 Apr 2022 WP6
D8.7 D58 Report on development, dissemination and impact of the NEMO animation video 1 (released on M24) and video 2 (released on M46) showing added value to society 30 Jun 2022 WP8
D8.8 D59 NEMO Closing workshop to present key results to wide group of stakeholders 31 Aug 2022 WP8
D8.9 D60 NEMO Expert panel events (6 workshops during project) 31 Oct 2022 WP8
D5.4 D37 Peer reviewed publication on integrated NEMO concept (public) 31 Oct 2022 WP5
D6.6 D46 Criticality policy brief 31 Oct 2022 WP6
D7.3 D50 Report on the organization and outcome of workshops on Sustainability Assessment and Social License to Operate with “H2020 SC5 projects” 31 Oct 2022 WP7
D7.4 D51 Report on addition of pilots from NEMO in the Virtual Lab databases of the EIT Raw Materials 31 Oct 2022 WP7