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Skyscape Ltd

Website: www.skyscape.fi

Skyscape Oy (SKYSCAPE), located in Espoo, 20 km west of Helsinki, is a privately owned engineeringcompany specialising in process and chemical engineering, membrane technologies, waste recovery andresource recycling, flow simulations, testing and instrumentation, mechanical and structural design andanalysis. SKYSCAPE has over 50 years of experience in wastewater processes and has conducted asuccessful mini-demonstration in a project for TERRA in which some of the discovered ideas resulted in acontinuation project funded by TEKES. SKYSCAPE has also filed a patent on a proprietary method to treateffluents with sulphates. SKYSCAPE owns the key IP for the pilot and SKYSCAPE’s aim is to expand itsbusiness globally based on that IP. In addition to creating important strategic alliances and networks, thisproject strengthens Skyscape’s ability in expanding its core business globally. The key asset, Skyscape’sproprietary IP, gives the company an unrivalled opportunity to capitalise possible gains through industrywide implementation of the IP. Skyscape will also seek and investigate new business models where the roleof a waste management company is being a service provider for a waste stream owner. Such serviceproviders can utilize SKYSCAPE’s IP in their own businesses with increased profits and advantages.