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Website: www.resourcefull.eu

ResourceFull is a start-up company (SME) founded in Belgium in 2015 that actively promotes and supportsgreen building technologies. The company aims to promote industrial ecology by providing creative andrealistic solutions for residue streams. ResourceFull offers the necessary tools and knowledge to close thegap between synthesis at the lab and full industrial production. Furthermore, the start-up stimulates the use ofdurable and eco-friendly binders by providing sustainability consulting to members of the building industry.ResourceFull aids in fostering eco-innovation by creating and sharing mutually profitable transactions.ResourceFull hopes to bring together traditionally separate industries in collaboration aimed at organizing inorder to utilize each other’s waste products, knowledge and technologies. ResourceFull operates on differentlevels throughout the value chain and works closely together with the metallurgical scene (e.g. Metallo, EITRaw Materials RECOVER project), research institutes (e.g. KU Leuven, RECOVER) and industry (e.g.CRH Structural Belgium, development of UHP inorganic polymer staircase). This way of operating is keysince communication between residue provider and customer is crucial for the success of a valorisationstrategy.ResourceFull’s members have substantial expertise in the field of the residue valorisation, more precisely inthe incorporation/application of these residue streams in building products. In the past ResourceFull was involved in the production of a set of real size building materials prototypes (bricks, tiles, tabletop) as well asthe production of an ultra-high strength inorganic polymer staircase.