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Alkaline pressure leaching

  • Responsible partner: National Research & Development Institute for Non-ferrous and Rare Metals – IMNR
  • Location – Research Centre for the Intensification of Metallurgical Processes at High Pressures and Temperatures of IMNR, Romania
  • TRL: 5

The technology is validated in a relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies). Integration of components with supporting elements and auxiliaries in the (large scale) prototype. Robustness is proven in the (simulated) relevant working environment.

The bench scale installation comprises two sections:

  1. Alkaline / neutral oxidation in autoclave, and
  2. Processing of the solutions resulting from oxidation process in order to recover and valorise metals and sulphur.


A continuous-feed 20 litre autoclave and 60 litre glass reactors for metals precipitation.


  • Sulphur oxidation/removal efficiency;
  • Metals (Cu, Co, Ni, Zn) leaching efficiency

Characteristics of the equipment

Picture: 20 litre continuous autoclave

AMAR EQUIPMENTS PVT Ltd India, stainless steel, volume 20L, max. 250 ° C, max. 30 atm, continuous supply and evacuation under pressure (oxygen, nitrogen, air), sampling during the process, SCADA 3.0 software program dedicated to parameter control.

Type of input material that the pilot can treat: In the pressurized oxidation plant, it is possible to treat ores, concentrates and sulphur mining waste, wastes mainly from metallurgical and mining industries.






PhD. Eng. Adrian Motoc, Eng. Georgiana Vatui, secretariat IMNR