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Jacobs NV

Website: www.jacobs.com

Jacobs NV is a producer of ready-mix concrete products in Belgium. Concrete products produced by thecompany range from standard concrete products over precast elements to B&D systems specialised in the in-situ casting of concrete cellars, swimming pools, polished concrete floors, etc.The main R&D activities at Jacobs NV focus on improving the quality of several concrete products and onthe diversification of products for various applications. Furthermore, Jacobs NV is actively involved inseveral projects underpinning the safe use of recycled and secondary aggregates in various concrete products.Likewise, Jacobs NV is engaged in producing low-CO2 concrete products using cements blended withindustrial by-products such as steel and metallurgical slags. Currently, they recycle all incoming constructionand demolition waste and use it in new high-grade building materials under the Flemish VLAREMAlegislation for waste management.