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IMNR was founded in 1966 as a Research and Design Institute. From 2004 has been a National Institute. Mission. IMNR has a strategic position in the field of non–ferrous metallurgy. IMNR aims to be a leader institute in the field of non–ferrous metals metallurgy research and applications, focused on responding with highest quality services to client needs. Innovation and know–how transfer is the core of research activity in IMNR. Integrity and engagement for excellence are the features of our activity and organisational culture. General objective of INCDMNR IMNR. The general objective of IMNR encompasses the development of the institute to become a national leader in the field of science and technology of materials based on non–ferrous metals and fully integrated in European Research Area. Scientific directions. Considering the experience of three groups: Ecotechnology and Environmental Protection, Nanostructured Materials and New Advanced Materials and Technologies with the support of Physical–Chemical Analysis and Microscopic Characterisation, a joint research line was formulated in IMNR aiming to the development of the non–ferrous metals based materials for high tech applications, the enhancement of the metal resources use and recovery rate of secondary non–ferrous metals based resources. Research activities (main laboratories):1.Eco-technologies and environmental protection2.Nanomaterials3.New materials and technologies4.Research centre for the study and intensification of metallurgical processes at high pressures andtemperatures5.Chemical and physical analysis; During several years, several plants have been built with IMNR’s know-how and design: for Zr, Ti, Cu, Al, Zn, Pb, Cd, Se, Mo, Au, Li, TR, etc.