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Euronews video on red mud valorisation

Following the launch of our extensive Policy Brief on the challenges and opportunities for the reprocessing of red mud (bauxite residue), Euronews-Futuris has just released a new documentary video on the same topic. The present video features EU H2020 MSCA-ETN REDMUD researchers from RWTH Aachen and KU Leuven who work on complementary reprocessing routes for red mud. (Leuven, 24-4-2018)

Watch the Euronews-Futuris ETN REDMUD video here

Read the April 2018 REDMUD Policy Brief (author: Thymis Balomenos, Mytilineos S.A) here


REDMUD_PB_1st_PAGEThe European Training Network for Zero-Waste Valorisation of Bauxite Residue (REDMUD) therefore targets the vast streams of new and stockpiled BR in the EU-28. BR contains several critical metals, is associated with a substantial management cost, whereas spills have led to major environmental incidents, including the Ajka disaster in Hungary. To date, zero-waste valorisation of BR is not occurring yet. The creation of a zero-waste BR valorisation industry in Europe urgently requires skilled scientists and engineers, who can tackle the barriers to develop fully closed-loop environmentally-friendly recovery flow sheets. REDMUD trains 15 researchers in the S/T of bauxite residue valorisation, with emphasis on the recovery of Fe, Al, Ti and rare earths (incl. Sc) while valorising the residuals into building materials. An intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration of EU-leading institutes and scientists has been established, which covers the full value chain, from BR to recovered metals and new building materials. Research challenges include the development of efficient extraction of Fe, Al, Ti and rare earths (incl. Sc) from distinct (NORM classified) BRs and the preparation of new building materials with higher than usual Fe content. By training the researchers in pyro-, hydro- and ionometallurgy, electrolysis, rare-earth extraction and separation technology, inorganic polymer and cement chemistry, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), NORM aspects and characterisation, they become the much needed scientists and engineers for the growing European critical raw materials industry.

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