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Website: www.catapa.be

CATAPA is a volunteering organisation (°2005) centred around sustainable development and alternative globalisation, with a focus on the mining issues and Latin America. To contribute concretely to a sustainable solution for the ecological and climate crisis, we encourage a fairer mining industry and a more sustainable use of metals. CATAPA does this through awareness raising, networking, research, lobbying, exchange programs and supporting farming communities that are threatened by multinational mining companies in our partner countries Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. CATAPA also follows some open-pit mining cases in Europe, especially in Romania and Greece. CATAPA is short for Comité Académico Técnico de Asesoramiento a Problemas Ambientales, literally Technical Academic Committee for Assistance in Environmental Issues. The name was mainly chosen from the point of view of our lobbying work. CATAPA is a young environmental and social grassroots movement that takes an integrated approach to the realisation of alternative globalisation and sustainable development, focusing on issues related to mining. We do this through: Awareness and lobbying work; Scientific and legal support of local communities, that are threatened by mining activities; Research and networking; Offering alternatives for a more sustainable extraction, production and consumption of minerals and metals.