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CLC – Cobre Las Cruces S.A.U.

Website: www.cobrelascruces.com

TheLas Cruces copper mine is located in the Iberian Pyrite Belt mining region, approximately 20 km NW ofSevilla in Andalucia, Spain. Cobre las Cruces (CLC) is the owner of the Las Cruces mine and is a subsidiarycompany of the First Quantum Minerals group. CLC is a mining company with the biggest open pit mine ofcopper in Europe and a hydrometallurgy plant for mineral beneficiation considered unique around the world.It produces 72,000 tons per year of electrolytic copper, grade A, through an integrated secondary copperatmospheric leaching plant since 2009.The CLC Hydrometallurgical Plant is very innovative and one of the most technologically advanced in theworld for treating copper through the concept “Mine to Metal”. The copper ore, having a grade of 4-5% Cu,is milled and then directly fed to a cascade of leaching reactors running at atmospheric conditions. Thecopper ore is high-efficiently leached in ferric sulphate media, yielding over 94% copper recovery; next, thepregnant solution goes to solvent extraction and electrowinning, producing finally copper cathodes, grade A.The use of optimised applied process technology maximises the reutilisation of water, energy and materialresources. CLC uses a sustainable “Clean Technology”, avoiding the generation of acid gas typical fromconventional copper smelters; liquid effluents are perfectly controlled to meet the most stringent regulations,and process tailings are disposed of in dry conditions, so as, tailings ponds are not needed.